New Mexico Health Policy Commission
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About Us

Mission Statement 

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) is a state agency that provides independent research, guidance and recommendations on health policy issues that impact the health status of New Mexicans.

Vision Statement

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) will help New Mexican’s improve their health status by being the State’s trusted advisor on health policy issues. The Commission will:

  • Be valued by peers, colleagues and consumers for it’s independence and expertise;
  • Provide leadership in identifying and researching critical health and health care delivery issues;
  • Provide policy research and recommendations to the legislative and executive branches of state government; and
  • Maintain a work environment that encourages individual growth and teamwork.

NMSA 1978 § 9-7-11.1 through 9-7-11.3 Health Policy Commission Act

NMSA 1978 § 24-14A-1 through 24-14A-10 Health Information System Act

NMSA 1978 § 27-5-1 through 27-5-1 Indigent Hospital and County Health Care Act

7.1.4 NMAC dated 3/31/08 repealled and replaced by 7.1.4 NMAC dated 11/14/08
7.1.4 NMAC Data Reporting Requirements for Health Care Facilities
  7.1.4 NMAC Errada 2011
  HIDD Electronic Record Layout
7.1.20 NMAC Access to Health Information System Data and Reports
7.1.21 NMAC Data Reporting Requirements for Health Plans
7.1.22 NMAC Consumer Health Information Reports
7.1.23 NMAC Data Reporting Requirements for the Geographic Access Data System
7.1.24 NMAC Charity Care Reporting Requirements
7.1.25 NMAC Capital Assets Data Reporting Requirements