New Mexico Health Policy Commission
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The responsibilities of the HPC are functionally organized into three inter-related areas:

Health Policy - Macro-level systems analysis, planning and formulation of policy recommendations.

Health Information Systems - The HIS Act reinforces the necessity of data collection as a means to facilitate or enable a statewide health plan, but also introduces two other data gathering priorities: Support for state government health resource planning and consumer information.

Health Information Alliance - The HIA was established by statute under the HIS Act as a joint public-private initiative to develop a statewide health information network to reduce duplicative data collections and reporting.

The work of the HPC is directed by the statutes below:
NMSA 1978 § 9-7-11.1 through 9-7-11.3

NMSA 1978 § 24-14A-1 through 24-14A-10

NMSA 1978 § 27-5-1 through 27-5-18

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